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BF4 - Meatgrinder

Welcome To ViolentIdustries
Violent Industries operates 6 BF4 servers and 2 BF3 servers. Search V.i. or Violent to find our servers!

New Clan Applicants Must Create a Forum Account to Submit a Clan Application

Join us on Teamspeak at ts.violentindustries.com

Posted by JDhillon on Sunday 16 February 2014 - 21:21:10

Reserved Slots
If you have purchased a Reserved Slot please post your exact in game name here.

$5 a Month Subscription

VIP 5美元/月

$10 a Month Subscription

2 VIPs 10美元/月

$20 a Month Subscription or 5 Slots

5 VIPs 20美元/月

Donate Direct to NFO Servers

Posted by BigErn on Saturday 23 November 2013 - 19:41:38

Violent Industries Punk Buster Streaming Bans

Posted by wirefire2 on Tuesday 07 May 2013 - 13:34:42

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bullet schelie-nelie
23 Apr : 05:55
@sando NO its not ....
bullet RocketRobinHood
23 Apr : 04:43
The game is pretty good, but still buggy....if you don't pay full price then it's worth it IMO
bullet sando
22 Apr : 20:35
Mostly Afghanistan, just jumped on and played some BF3 but I see your all playing BF4 now. Is it worth the money?
bullet schelie-nelie
22 Apr : 08:39
wow sando ...sup
bullet BigErn
21 Apr : 16:49
Here, where you been?
bullet sando
21 Apr : 11:03
So where's Ernie?
bullet ChuckDiesel
20 Apr : 16:18
Haha rocket the usual <3... SCHEELLLIIII!!! yea I never did buy BF4 lol .. I told you I wasnt gonna buy it !! hahaha
bullet schelie-nelie
20 Apr : 09:08
sup JEEP baby
bullet schelie-nelie
20 Apr : 09:07
sup chuck .... nothing.. cant play bf4 no drivers so im planning a back in the days game with barbie planet and lupid in a no explosives server next weekend.... its time 2 cook again and make us feel like a chef...lol dota2 is a weird game btw
bullet RocketRobinHood
19 Apr : 20:19
Not much chuck! Just complain about BF4.... so you know the usual :)

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It's all aboot them headshots, eh?
23 Apr : 04:46

Posted by RocketRobinHood
eh EH?!
23 Apr : 04:44

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22 Apr : 12:18

Posted by LUPID
Great. Another chef. Since Jeep has been missing I[more ...]
22 Apr : 08:18

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22 Apr : 04:04

Posted by wirefire2
Idiot taking selfie gets a boot to the head by the[more ...]
22 Apr : 04:03

Posted by Halfaudio
Mind the gap.
21 Apr : 18:05

Posted by Halfaudio
Good - another Canadian.Don't kill Halfaudio.
21 Apr : 18:04

Posted by Hellhole
I have a 240GB EVO. Great drive. I also have a Cor[more ...]
21 Apr : 17:52


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