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BF3 - Air Maps


Welcome To Violent Industries
Win a copy of Grand Theft Auto V!!!!

April 25, 2015

TDM Competition - No entry or registration fees!

See details here:


Posted by JDhillon on Sunday 16 February 2014 - 21:21:10

Reserved Slots
If you have purchased a Reserved Slot please post your exact in game name. Please make a post here.

Recurring subscriptions via PayPal. Choose the amount of slots you wish below.

1 Slot = $5 per Month

2 Slots = $10 per Month

5 Slots = $20 per Month

One Time Donation

Posted by BigErn on Saturday 23 November 2013 - 19:41:38


Aquia Creek!

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bullet wirefire2
25 Apr : 12:31
Round 1 is LIVE!
bullet wirefire2
25 Apr : 11:09
1 hour to GTA 5 GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bullet Mordecai
24 Apr : 23:47
Is everything go for tomorrow?
bullet Mordecai
23 Apr : 21:54
Bethesda (the makers of Skyrim), could learn a shit-ton about weather effects from Rockstar. I've never seen a more epic Desert thunderstorm in video games, ever.
bullet Mordecai
20 Apr : 16:22
Blaze one fo' da Nation, mon.
bullet Hellhole
18 Apr : 17:05
Mord, same here on GTAV's single player. Holy fuck. The game is seriously incredible. I've played some GTAOnline and it was awesome, but it was just me and a friend in an empty server. We robbed some liquor stores. It was hilarious! I've posted a 2nd GTAV vid on my channel. Am working on another one this evening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlOJiH8o4sY
bullet planetmarklar
18 Apr : 09:36
preordering SWBF
bullet mr4sshole
18 Apr : 03:01
5 lines down proves the nerdgasms are real.
bullet schelie-nelie
18 Apr : 02:45
Oops phone autocorrect still on
bullet schelie-nelie
18 Apr : 02:43
say hello 2 my littekens griend...lol in onze my Phone...sorry hoe ik everything ?

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The game server address:http://battlelog.battlefie[more ...]
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Dunne when krik..maybe in a month or two i be able
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In what way have I tripped over my own toes? Becau[more ...]
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Posted by Mordecai
This is so exciting!
23 Apr : 14:26

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