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Welcome To Violent Industries
Violent Industries operates 3 BF4 servers and 1 BF3 server. Search Vi or Violent to find our servers!

New Clan Applicants Must Create a Forum Account to Submit a Clan Application

Posted by JDhillon on Sunday 16 February 2014 - 21:21:10

Reserved Slots
If you have purchased a Reserved Slot please post your exact in game name. Please make a post here.

Recurring subscriptions via PayPal. Choose the amount of slots you wish below.

1 Slot = $5 per Month

2 Slots = $10 per Month

5 Slots = $20 per Month

One Time Donation

Posted by BigErn on Saturday 23 November 2013 - 19:41:38


Aquia Creek!

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bullet Mordecai
31 Mar : 22:54
Grats Qtipp, hope to actually get some gaming time in with you - my schedule of late has been weird. :D
bullet Hellhole
31 Mar : 20:16
Why no Uzi in BF3 or 4? WTF! This guy makes some really cool videos about guns, with lots of footage from various video games and lots of interesting history about each one. Unique style, too. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/user/XboxAhoy/videos
bullet Hellhole
31 Mar : 10:37
Congrats Qtippchik!
bullet Qtippchik
31 Mar : 00:15
YEAH!!! i'm finally VI!!!! so glad to be part of the clan! =) thanks 4 to bringing me to the clan <3
bullet Hellhole
30 Mar : 19:59
LOL! Yeah, it was fun to watch from spectator mode, though I think I may have missed some of the action. Still got some good stuff though!

bullet BigErn
30 Mar : 19:45
I got sammiched so much last night. I bet I am the center of it all.
bullet BerdanSharp
30 Mar : 14:49
Why is ahoomaily harrassing players with baconman to the point that you cannot even play. Setting off flares and smoke at position and pushing with jeeps, shoot while on the same team. Makes no sense and they should be banned from the game
bullet BSydz
30 Mar : 14:14
Yeah Hell, less than 2 weeks, which means if anybody bought it on release they can just go in with a receipt and get 20 dollars back ... lol

Sucks about the card but you seem to have it under control.

Lol so many sammiches last night, could have fed a small continent with all the sammiches we gave out.
bullet Hellhole
30 Mar : 13:10
BSydz: Wow, BFH dropped hard and fast, didn't it!? LOL! The reviews keep coming in: It SUCKS!

I've been having vid card issues for some time now which has caused my games to freeze, especially when recording them. I found a solution though, and that's to set the Power Target at 83% in EVGA PrecisionX. No loss of performance, just keeps Windows from crashing the driver.

I'm working on a spectator mode vid I shot last night in Metro of you guys giving sammiches. Funny shenanigans! Will upload to my YT channel soon.
bullet planetmarklar
29 Mar : 20:47
will be back soon, folks. i need to RMA a motherboard.
bullet Heffernan
29 Mar : 15:29
back from vacation
bullet Halfaudio
29 Mar : 11:09
Thanks! I'll see what happens after the re-install.

Do I lose all my weapons/etc?
bullet BSydz
29 Mar : 11:02
I can help you out if you need it Half ... I'll be on TS or you can hit me up here or in battlelog.
bullet Halfaudio
29 Mar : 10:00
Rhymes with clucking bell
bullet Halfaudio
29 Mar : 09:09
"Battlefield 4 has stopped working"
Updated Pb; fix game; update windows; restart; check forum; reinstall drivers; restart; etc, etc
Now just uninstall and in midst of reinstalling. @*#&$^%#!!!!!!
bullet BSydz
29 Mar : 07:48
Lol ... Battlefield Hardline 39.99 at Bestbuy ... That is one week and five days since release
bullet wirefire2
28 Mar : 11:35
I'm not going to pay to watch something like BFFs. That's stupid.
bullet BigErn
28 Mar : 09:28
I have enabled "Push-to-talk" only in our TS.
bullet BSydz
27 Mar : 16:42
Pink is the long range king, he was popping my head off consistently from over 2000 meters.
bullet PinkFuzzyBalls
27 Mar : 15:18
Fun round of long distance sniping with BSyds and Stash yesterday. Both B and I wentt over 2K in distance.
bullet BSydz
27 Mar : 08:54
As soon I saw third party in the first few lines of the terms I immediately clicked on the privacy policy. I only read like 4 paragraphs, kudos to you for reading the whole thing. I was surprised that they left out the first born child.
bullet Hellhole
26 Mar : 15:07
Good eye, B. Their privacy policy is a lengthy blurb that basically says, "You authorize us to rape your privacy, sell your info to anyone we choose, spam you with ads pertaining to what we think you're interested in, along with your name, email, age, gender, IP, device type, the posts and comments you make on this site - and others- and whatever else we deem in the future that we want to extract from your existence." Fuuuuuck that.
bullet BSydz
26 Mar : 09:23
I just read vessels privacy policy ... You may want to also.
bullet BigErn
25 Mar : 21:24
I was told Vessel is free for a year till Thursday.
bullet BigErn
25 Mar : 21:24
I just joined Vessel and they ARE free for a year!!!

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