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Welcome To Violent Industries
Violent Industries operates 2 BF4 servers and 3 BF3 servers. Search Vi or Violent to find our servers!

New Clan Applicants Must Create a Forum Account to Submit a Clan Application

Posted by JDhillon on Sunday 16 February 2014 - 21:21:10

Reserved Slots
If you have purchased a Reserved Slot please post your exact in game name. Please make a post here.

Recurring subscriptions via PayPal. Choose the amount of slots you wish below.

1 Slot = $5 per Month

2 Slots = $10 per Month

5 Slots = $20 per Month

One Time Donation

Posted by BigErn on Saturday 23 November 2013 - 19:41:38

Violent Industries Punk Buster Streaming Bans

Posted by wirefire2 on Tuesday 07 May 2013 - 13:34:42

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bullet Halfaudio
22 Oct : 16:04
Cpl. Nathan Cirillo - RIP
Shot and killed today while on Honour Guard duty at Canada's National War Memorial
bullet AV8R4LYFE
21 Oct : 18:22
Hey guys my computer is down think the motherboard nay be fried :( any help is appreciated in this terrible time
bullet Mordecai
18 Oct : 18:47
In BF4 When i revive someone, I take out the staircase, TOO!
bullet JDhillon
18 Oct : 15:50
TS Server changed . most of you guys will get your permissions when you join . if not just poke a ADMIN
bullet goobernoodles
18 Oct : 13:47
Go Orioles D:
bullet Heffernan
17 Oct : 04:25
bullet Mordecai
15 Oct : 21:22
Please forgive me this past 2-4 weeks, I'm a huge baseball fan and my SF giants are doing their thing. This madness will be over soon. <3, Mord.
bullet LUPID
15 Oct : 08:56

Latest Forum Posts
Posted by wirefire2
Don't feed the troll.
24 Oct : 06:22

Posted by MrTinklepants
I looked this user up and he was banned for racist[more ...]
23 Oct : 23:55

Posted by wirefire2
Well he's banned now. Who was the admin?
23 Oct : 19:34

Posted by RocketRobinHood
Yeah nade spam and jet whoring was bad, but the wa[more ...]
23 Oct : 17:26

Posted by Anonymous
He was there last night as well. An admin came by [more ...]
23 Oct : 16:43

Posted by wirefire2
Banned. Good catch.
23 Oct : 11:32

Posted by krikkay
HAHA, the gameplay was actually good....the scale [more ...]
23 Oct : 08:02

Posted by Anonymous
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/JollY[more ...]
23 Oct : 07:06

Posted by HorneyMongoose
Hi there,You have a hacker on your Airmaps server [more ...]
23 Oct : 06:42

Posted by mr4sshole
^ yes, that hockey term.
22 Oct : 21:18

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