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Welcome To Violent Industries
Violent Industries operates 2 BF4 servers and 3 BF3 servers. Search Vi or Violent to find our servers!

New Clan Applicants Must Create a Forum Account to Submit a Clan Application

Posted by JDhillon on Sunday 16 February 2014 - 21:21:10

Reserved Slots
If you have purchased a Reserved Slot please post your exact in game name. Please make a post here.

Recurring subscriptions via PayPal. Choose the amount of slots you wish below.

1 Slot = $5 per Month

2 Slots = $10 per Month

5 Slots = $20 per Month

One Time Donation

Posted by BigErn on Saturday 23 November 2013 - 19:41:38

Violent Industries Punk Buster Streaming Bans

Posted by wirefire2 on Tuesday 07 May 2013 - 13:34:42

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bullet LUPID
30 Sep : 15:19

• Tweaked smoke effects. Smoke is now bigger, has higher density and lasts longer.
bullet mr4sshole
30 Sep : 10:29
well, the patch made it worse then what it already was... everyone still has the red camo glitch.
bullet Mordecai
29 Sep : 18:10
I'll be back playing BF4 tomorrow! Keeping fingers crossed for a good patch.
bullet Imhotep8
28 Sep : 22:01
bullet Mordecai
27 Sep : 22:11
I want some old timee' Jeans in like 'n old dufflebag....
bullet BigErn
27 Sep : 21:26
Pinch that TWICE
bullet BigErn
27 Sep : 21:25
WOW, love that!!
bullet Halfaudio
27 Sep : 08:22
LOL - I'm not going to be able to watch the real show without laughing
bullet Mordecai
26 Sep : 12:40
This is the funniest thing i've ever seen

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This is the second time this account has been appe[more ...]
01 Oct : 00:21

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Under review.
01 Oct : 00:01

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The problem is your accounts are not linked. Clai[more ...]
30 Sep : 23:59

Posted by wirefire2
Under review.
30 Sep : 23:57

Posted by mr4sshole
i'll put in 100 a month to satisy any of hohums ne[more ...]
30 Sep : 21:16

Posted by mr4sshole
^ good suggestion....i'm not good with whiney asse[more ...]
30 Sep : 21:12

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HoHum wrote ...I'd to make the motion to add anoth[more ...]
30 Sep : 18:19

Posted by LUPID
We are struggling to get enough Vi on as is. Would[more ...]
30 Sep : 15:12

Posted by Anonymous
shit, don't let 4 holes take his turn,
30 Sep : 13:38

Posted by HoHum
Wow, only one response? No one is interested in a [more ...]
30 Sep : 11:02

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